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Notes for cooperation:
I. for the convenience of customers, our company does not set the minimum quantity, that is, how many quantities of orders we accept;
2. If the customer needs our existing samples, we can provide most of the PVC bags free of charge, and a small part of the bags shall be charged with the sample fee. The express delivery fee for sending the samples shall be borne by the customer whether or not the sample fee is charged.
According to the customer's drawings or requirements, if the manual sample is made, the material fee of 50 yuan is only charged; if the sample is made for large samples, the mold fee is only charged.
Iv. If the pattern or logo needs to be printed for sample making, the screen plate fee for printing shall be charged in addition to the mold fee. The screen plate fee for printing area less than A5 is 150 yuan/color.
V. proofing fee and network edition fee can be returned if customers place an accumulative order of more than 10,000 orders;
Six, the above printing is simply printed logo or design, usually no more than four color color, if need to offset printing, to see whether the printing materials to determine the specific cost, normal material thickness below 0.3 mm PVC material printing fee is 2500 yuan, thickness more than 0.3 mmPVC material and material such as EVA, TPU, PU, you will need to charge the printing fee of 3000 yuan of above;
Vii. The offset printing cost of proofing shall not be refunded no matter whether the order is placed or the quantity of the order exceeds 10,000.
8. Besides the normal proofing time of offset printing is 3-5 days, offset printing takes 10 days as soon as possible.
The production time provided by the salesman shall be the time after the production sample is confirmed.