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Order process

Order process

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Customized flow chart:
Shenzhen huale plastic products co., LTD. - after-sales service in order to establish a perfect company after-sales service system, clarify product quality responsibility, avoid disputes caused by quality problems, and achieve the purpose of safeguarding the common interests of the brand and consumers. This management method is specially formulated by the company, please follow it. Customer: customer according to the drawing and customer according to the sample. The execution basis shall refer to the product quality law and consumer rights and interests protection law. (3) maintenance, after-sales service management including return and content are as follows: the return process: 1, in front of the sign for goods and shipping or logistics personnel to check the product design, specification, quantity, color, printing, the amount and variety of sales documents are consistent with the order, whether commodity packaging is in good condition, product sample and confirm whether accurate, and then to sign for it. After the customer signed and received, the situation of requiring the return of goods due to the aforementioned reasons will not be handled. If the problems mentioned above are found when checking the commodities, the customer service staff of the company shall refuse to sign the receipt and report the situation to them as soon as possible. The company shall negotiate with the logistics supplier to solve the problem and report the result to the customer within 2 days. 2. If the customer is satisfied with the goods after signing for the goods, he/she shall submit an application for return or replacement within 7 working days if he/she is not satisfied. If the product has quality problems, please contact the customer service staff within 48 hours to apply for return and replacement. The after-sales department will judge whether the products have quality problems according to the photos and description provided by the customer. If there are quality problems, the customer shall handle the return and replacement procedures for the customer, and the customer service staff shall confirm the delivery time of the re-production for the customer within 1 working day. For example, if the after-sales department judges non-quality problems, the customer service staff shall explain the reasons and negotiate and communicate with the customer to reach a consensus. If the customer requests the return and exchange of non-quality products, the procedures will be as follows. The cost of return and exchange for non-quality problem will be borne by the customer. Gronn, the returned goods should be sent within 48 hours after confirmation with the customer, otherwise the company will not accept it; If the customer sends back the goods without the confirmation of the customer service staff, the company will not bear the freight charge and will not handle the return and replacement procedures. 3. After completing the return and replacement procedures, the customer fills in the return and returns the products to the company, including the products, the outer packaging, the plastic bags, the return and replacement sales forms and guarantees that they are in good condition. Otherwise, the company will not accept the return and replacement procedures, the products will be returned, and the customer will bear all the freight. 4. The after-sales department shall check whether the products, documents, packaging and other materials are in good condition after receiving the returned products from the customer, handle relevant procedures after checking and notify the workshop to arrange re-production.